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hello! i just wanted to stop by to say that you are one of the most talented people on earth and that your themes are fantastic! :* hope your day is great!

This is really sweet of you but I’m nothing ahh jdsafkdsf ;///; Thank you so much and I hope your day is just as great! <3

adghagksfajh you finally released 'thunder'!!! love that theme, keep up the great work~ <3

Yep! ^u^ So glad ya like it and thank you~ <3

I don't think I can use anyone else's themes after trying yours because they're just that beautiful. Thank you so much for making my blog pretty day after day! (´ω`★) I love you.

dajdsjfdsjfds ; w ; omg and thank you for your support and love ahhh you’re too kind!! /hugs/ <3

are you turn from SHINee to EXO? are you turn from Taemin to Kai? or it seems to me.... why?

I have a bad habit of changing fandoms/biases every few months because I lose interest easily. OTL It’s stated here in my about page: [ x ]

NAJSNSDSUIDD I'M SO SHY. I've always wanted to tell you that you are absolutely amazing but I never got the guts to except now. UIAHSUHSAHSD. YOU ARE AMAZING. I love looking at your tumblr everyday and checking your themes out over and over again <3 pohpohpohpoh! You are just wow! And I just wanted you to know that! :)

Omg ; A ; This is rly sweet of you??? You don’t have to be shy about talking to me haha. I promise I won’t bite!! But thank you soooo much. >u< You’re a darling. <3

i love you i love you i love you oh god i love you your themes are breathtaking and don't make me even start talking about your graphics they make me die i wonder if i'll be as amazing as you stay gorgeous! <33

i’m bL USH ING OH GOSH ;//A//; STOP YOU’RE FLATTERING ME TOO MUCH AHH THANK YOU you’re such a sweetie ugh <3 i’m sure you’re just as amazing alright!

would it be rude of me to ask how many followers you have? and i love you :D

No prob, and thank you~ ^^

if I make an original theme that looks similar to one of yours is it considered stealing?

It’s considered idea theft, and it would only embarrass yourself because it shows how uncreative you are so don’t do it.

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