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Gore Movies

* Fave


  1. Human Centipede 1 (x2)
  2. Human Centipede 2* (x3)
  3. Imprint
  4. Cannibal Holocaust (x2)
  5. A Serbian Film* (x2)
  6. Grotesque
  7. Excision

To Watch:

  1. Human Centipede 3
  2. Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
  3. Guinea Pig: Flower of Flesh & Blood
  4. Audition
  5. Martyrs
  6. Tokyo Gore Police
  7. The Last House on the Left
  8. American Mary

Please feel free to recommend me if you know of any good ones!


hi guys! So i guess you could say i passed a milestone a while ago and im a million years late on posting these things. I’ve managed to put this off for like two months now because i’ve been so terribly busy with school. Anyway, my first follow forever was a little rushed and i feel like i didn’t get a lot of people so here we are. So anyway thank you to everyone that bothered following me even though im not as active these days. Everyone has always been really lovely to me and it really does mean a lot. Some of you have talked to me and its really makes my day, 

so anyway here’s a bunch of lovely blogs that make this site a thousand times more fun. Please keep in mind to prevent making a massively long list i can’t exactly include everyone but if you wish to you can check out my blogroll to find even more lovelies. 

Bold- mutualsItalics- absolutely gorgeous blogs

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Hi there! First of all adore your themes (you're my favourite theme-maker), thank you for being so generous to share them. I've wanted to try theme-making for so long and I just wanted to know, how do you begin writing a theme? Do you plot out the theme on Photoshop or an image editing software, or do you just go with the flow and make it as you go? Thanks so much! :)

Aw, thank you! :) Well, whenever I get an inspiration, I have a theme-making notebook where I draw out all the layouts I have in mind. When I get the time to code/feel like coding, I’ll just look through in there and see which one I feel like coding the most. Of course, you can also draw out your layout on Photoshop or Illustrator but that’s too tedious for me (considering my Photoshop takes about 5 minutes to even open lol) so yeah, drawing on paper is the easiest and most convenient for me. Hope this helps~

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Oh Hello! I’m Min and it’s already been a year since I’ve been here. How time flew by, huh? And in the year of being here I never thought I would meet such amazing people, experience beautiful friendships, nor share such memories with all of you. I want to thank all +3k of you sincerely from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for making my days and being my summers, all of you. Let’s treasure the past and run towards the future together.

I also thought I should take this time to thank the precious boy this blog is dedicated to. You’ve done so well and I just want to say that I’m proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished. You will always be the summer I will never forget. Happy early birthday 小鹿.

These people are amazing and if you haven’t followed them yet, then I hope you can check them out and follow too. hehe.

bolded- mutuals (and i would like to think that we’re friends eyy)


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“Kiss me with your eyes.” — Andy Warhol


hey ,i'm a XiuHan shipper as u can see,& i just wanted to apologies on the behalf of my fellows XiuHan shippers who were leaving "Kinda" annoying asks ,this is my 1st &last visit 2 ur plog,i just wanted to ask a favor from u to ask ur fellows HunHan shippers to STOP tagging HunHan on the Xiuhan&TaoHun tags & to plzz just STOP bashing Xiumin & Tao,i know am asking alot but am seriously tired from that bashing shit cuz neither Xiumin or Tao asked 4 this so plzz just TRY at least.
  1. …. What is going on….
  2. What do you mean ‘my’ Hunhan shippers…
  3. I don’t even ship Hunhan…
  4. I’ve been off Tumblr for a few days so I’m not updated with what’s happening to Exo-
  5. And honestly, I have no interest in knowing so leave me alone???
  6. I really don’t know why you’re asking me this???

My blog has reached many achievements and one of which would be hitting an astounding number of 10,000 followers and the other huge numbers listed above, all of which I’m extremely thankful for. Never in my life would I have expected to be this successful in theme and graphics making/blogging. Of course, my sincerest thanks would be to every single one of my followers, those who supported my themes and last but not least, those who sent me encouraging messages and compliments which no doubt made each of my day better. I promise to keep making great themes for you guys and spam your dash with pretty graphics. Thank you all for this wonderful past 14 months and I wish to spend even better times with everyone in the future~ ♥

These are roughly over 150 blogs which I follow and has kept my dash a wonderful place. Do check out my blogroll in case I missed out anyone! 

Everyone listed below are mutual follows.

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your fave movie is the human centipede?? how i mean i only read the plot and it changed my peaceful

AHAH YES IT IS— I just really like gore stuff?? Gore movies and gore manga in particular. c: Give Human Centipede a try… without food in your stomach, of course— and maybe you’ll like it too. <3

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omg, your theme is amazing! It's freaking me out!! First theres Kai, then Chanyeol then Chen decided to join the party and now Sehun is staring at me what is-- That amazing!!

HAHA OMFG CALM DOWN BB. ; w ; I’m glad you like it eheheh~

omg i have a pun and idk if you've heard it already so here goes: why call it photoshop, when you could call it "pohtoshop". get it? like poh? since you're such a beast at it? i'm hilarious


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