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Hello c: I just wanted to stop by and thank you for existing in our galaxy (fanfan) and creating such amazing creative and unique themes <33 ;~; U DA BOMB

Omg ; w ; You’re way too sweet klfjksfjslfsf thank you so much baby, I’m glad you like them. <3 You da bomb too and I hope you have a great day ahead! - u -

if you dont mind me asking, cuz i know your a pretty big avril lavigne fan, but how do you feel about "hello kitty"?

Used to be a huge Avril fan haha. But yeah, I actually just checked it out yesterday and my first thought when I saw it was, “is this a joke?” Needless to say, I was already disappointed by her in The Best Damn Thing era and honestly, that was the last straw. I stopped following her after that but every now and then, I still check out her new stuff only to see things like this… I have no idea what she’s trying to do with her music—I’m pretty sure most people were fans of hers because they could relate to her songs (Let It Go & Under My Skin era) so tell me how the fuck you expect kids/teenagers these days to relate to Hello Kitty???

Ever since Girlfriend, she seems to have been able to create a series of title tracks which has absolutely no difficulty in ANNOYING PEOPLE. And if that’s the concept she’s going for, she’s doing it well because they do become a hit eventually due to how annoying it is.


hello everybody!! I have recently reached a huge amount of followers ((its pretty huge to me keke)) and also because of exo’s comeback, I decided to make my third follow forever yay!! I stumbled across more beautiful blogs and would like to thank all the people who I’m following for making my dash fun and interesting and thank you for all the people who are following me as well I love you all!!

((and sorry for the terrible edit sobs its my first follow forever edit I did by myself and do you like the heart by the kkaebsong?? I drew it myself do you like it?? uwu))

italicised - chingus

bolded - closer chingus / known for a long while

everyone here is a mutual ^0^

# ~ b

-exo-k baek-that-ass-up baekhyunsbitch baekxun byuns-baekery byuns-bitch 

c ~ f

channie-with-a-side-of-baekon chantleman creepy-luhan cup-of-exo doksoo emperori ew-baekhyun exosofficialgrindr fantaosdick fuckingjongdae

g ~ j

hnngzitao hyucake i-put-exos-dick-in-a-box jenoyah

k ~ n

kais-assets kimjoonramyun kiwisses lay-me-kris lol-im-exos-stylist lusass mr-byunbaekon nsfwufan

o ~ s

oh-sehuns-ass ohsehno oppakai pohroro prankchanyeol sehunking sehuntsmen shingekinowufan shitdae soyeolswagfag-sehun

t ~ z

taoxun taozige telekineticwind teleporkaition thechingchongreligion tyleroppathecreator vanillageex wu-fart wubaeks wufabulous wuyifanxing xiumine xiupreme z1c zhanq-yixinq ziyannie

I am pretty sure I missed out at least 5 people or misspelled some urls in a rush, if I did, please tell me!! thank you everyone~! V(=^・ω・^=)v

You are too fabulous, poh I love you so much. I just want to hug and squish you and asfjllgdaghsajkds

;//A//; Omg!! No nO YOU’RE FLATTERING ME huhu thank you so much bb. <3


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let me be
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2hyunz first follow forever!

Kay, so its about time I did a follow forever. These lovely people make my tumblr life worth living

Bolded are my faves


00cm, -prettyhatemachine


adventuresofthelittleblackgirl, aegyo-shinee,b2nguk, beyonce(tehehehehehe), babytiga, bapangels, blue-joi, betitaintnikki, blacknoonajadebrownbootyextract, brownsugarjae, bouzen, blackfemalepresident collardgreenstokimchi, church-of-minhocluckcluckn4-thatpico, cherrymato, darkprinceleo, deenadolly, deepthoughtsbykanyewest, daddyong, daddywang, damnjongupexotic-brown-sugar, fckrudeboyjongup himtokki, herwhisperisthe-jyp, hingbin, hephapimp, histeamup, histeamzeloichinuke, ihopeleetaemin, jinkissweatyballs,keelllliikaicecream, keatsweatshirt,learning-hangeul, namjoons1llestbitch, notmyllama, oppas-eyeliner, oppasassmilk, pandaheartsandart, pupsbitch pohroro, prettyfeetgang,queenofblockb, rapmonsters, shingekinobeyonce, shinwhoa, shinjukugewalt,  sassychens, seunghyonq, seteao, sarang-dae, shrinking-ulzzang(i miss her), softmami, stellarxfresh,the-pizza-lich, the-artist-alliance,the-girl-who-dreams-big, unphazedcat, vyonce, vanillajae, violraptaer, vixx, whoobinwoohijo, xbean, xiumania, yunglecks, yung—maple, yuzuruhanyuofficial, yuboseyo, ziontitties, zarzarthebear

and I think thats it!


love you guys! <3


It has been some time since my last follow forever and I will soon reach my 3k of cutie-patootie followers I have decided to create yet another post to express my feelings towards you guys. Despite the fact I am quite lousy at talking to you and even if I do I am the cheesiest person out there but I would like to say thank you to both all the people I have met here so far (you know who you are, ilu) and the people I have not yet talked to but their presence makes my dash (and usually mood a lot better).

Since I run an extremely multifandom blog, the list includes a variety of blogs. Feel free to follow and talk to any of them because they are all amazing!

A - D

acciomyungsoo  ahyoungies aigyu alwaysoshi amigonew antisulli anyja astrospace athaenas awesomaticrobotronic biteubi blondho bomminator borntobeast btobsmelody bumblekey celo-mar chodingdino choisullis cmblaq dewusional dohdoro dubuwaffle

E - J

eovoo eteru favoun florensic forkkkey fqzpocky ga-ho gieoks giyeuk greaseu gyubelle hakaiou hakyeone halcalism hunho ibleedpastelpink icepearls idiotae ilhoob ilhoon ilhoonftw illesthoon imgenieforyourwish imperyeol ireseul its4minute itsgirlsday jisaurus jiyeolie jjongbling jjpngsta jongbyung jongmint jooyeol,

K - N 

key-goon keyramel keysballs keyvictim kibump kimnamjoos kittenluna kkibum kwibom lastkim lazeramsey lee-qri leehqeri lordkey lovegrrl lovet-ara mewfarida mintokkies mintyramen monoka myungq naekibum naerong namjae ninepearls noctorn noteclue

O - S 

o-t-beast ohmy-goddess ohpeniel p-pominit parksojn pieniel pilsuks pinktaep pitdae pkthunders pohroro pokersoo qaerin rammyeon ruby-sica s1cas saranghaeyos seonyuhs seoulers seouleu seulense seunghyonq shinee-brothers shineebabo shineesque sicats sixelya sleepyheaded snugjae sodonewithexo soojunged soosicat sooyoungss soshimoshi steoulen sullis sunbyungs sungsubbie syaedou symptaem

T - Z 

taebody taejongie taejumma taekmeout taellyuns taemajesty taemeow taemisu taemperor teapanie telepany tellsmeyouriwsh thoulgyu tipanys tofumaggie tohososhi tokkeys toldyouseo twoneofakind woohyan xiacation yadoong yeahcl yeahpudda yeoli yeolshi yosics younas zibums

I am 100% sure I forgot about someone so here’s my blogroll for all the fantastic blogs I follow.




         ♡ taejumma's one year old follow forever ♡

Here I am again at another milestone which I thought I would have NEVER EVER EVER in my life on Tumblr ever reach. I mean, are you kidding me? 3000+ followers? I was speechless the day I reached 3k followers and I celebrated by myself quietly. I was planning to make a follow forever since I have reached 3000, however school was in the way and so were important things like exams and competitions so I had to place Tumblr aside for a long time. Honestly, this scares me. What the truth of my blog is: this is my SECOND time remaking “taejumma” and I remade this blog on April 2013. And here I am, April 2014, with an unthinkable follower count, amazing and beautiful yet creative friends, and many other talented editors and graphic makers on Tumblr. All of you guys make my Tumblr experience better and better by each second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and finally, year. I am extremely happy that I have found this website and that I have learnt so many things and have gained so many friends and that I have spent a lot of my time on here, smiling and laughing my butt off. Like in the photoset above, I said I’m not good with words, but I hope you guys understand how I feel. A lot of you guys change your URLs and I lose contact or stop talking to you, but I still have you guys in my heart. A lot of you don’t talk to me, but I’m still glad to have you as a follower and to have you on my dashboard. And to those who do talk to me, I’m overwhelmed that you guys have decided to become friends with a dork and a loser like me. Lastly, thank you so much for everything, Tumblr. 

yoonsics astrospace dokyugnsoo ninedorks jonghyunar zhanq-yixinq noteclue therunningdevil jessicajungs foreverfany xiuting taengtropy sosified yoonyvl seungcheoll imperyeol denkishock kwonyuree monyris minyuls smtownbaby eunoos bhcys s1cas athaenas on-yu snowylifewish taeyeontime honey217 lu-milks jooncherry sohyo eunjies kyuhyuncho-s parknamja jongtopia seoulmateee ajummataeng baektastic blameshyung shawolastic bigbaeng taellyuns annefong tiffiana marauhder honeytaeng jesseseo jinriee soonomi keysballs byuns-baekery telepany seorfboarding taenqsics naerong hyunamoon shineebabo yodults my-soshistar seuyeon lumilks yeoshin misshyoyeon galaxyifans finalstar taengthehero xiurror baekzelo joohyun-s jjongsta dyorgasm soojungdesu dewusional iscolar yghws sicats jinribum seo-han wu-fan suveon sicajungs hyunseungies m-iyoung 0-fivethirty fvkx92 choisullis papuru kiboum baekxun sooyawn retrogradeyesterday dokaiso justmyperfectgoddess rosaquatica jaekyng cutiehuns yulmyeon jjangeu seok-jung kittenluna kimerika baekyoons gorjessbb minhosman icepearls jungkies ninthwish seo-mate cu-tae kaidashian gyubelle junaes jongisms kyungss chaelins ohhuns hyejungs chickenlone iridaescents jessicajuns heylululu kim-jongin xiumans nguyenter milkyfany hwngtfny 4eversone taecats jungmiyoungs sicasamas miyuongs gestalt-mode liucifer seoguma hyosic soojunged teasica qi-an soshimoshi seoulmelody jjongosaurus jessipls sailorseo seonies dandyun noctaes taoxun soshilicious sonyuhs noctureals taeyoncee sujongz sooyeon-s myungew xehun lastkim byuntaen chanyeolscrackdealer seonyuhs yoonyulk baekjiyoung bartholonew keroshyun lordhyos taengsik yultisic onlywish tohososhi korealadies kimstaeyeons -shinee exosofficialgrindr luha-n sicashidae pohroro keyjumi kwonsica yoonao tinytaeyeon sookyus hyonai gayforhwang kai-fanys jvngsica yoonti jesstals tokkied taeyeongifs soshiblaze ninepearls soosicat fanyhoney jesschest sovvons suwons yookboy choisooyoungs taecries taetans hyo-aholic buttaerfly ughchoi moonhwalk kimtaeveon 1stmelody taengshi hwayoon suyonssi canyeoli immortaeng jungyeons hyoyeonssi 

Thank you so much once again and I love all of you very much!

I just wanted to tell you that your themes are always so nice and you're extremely talented, and I hope you're having a good day.

Thank you so much, sweetie! ; u ; I wish you the same as well~ <3

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